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Notice No: 0018/SEWAK/SNG                                                                                  Date: 09/09/2021


Sealed quotation are invited from Farmers Producer Company/Producer Group/Suppliers/Authorised Goatry farm through speed post/courier/registered post for supply of goats (Does) for SEWAK, Rangiamunda, Sundargarh. The vendors are  requested to submit sealed quotation to the office of the undersigned on or before 24/09/2021(FRIDAY)  till 5 P.M.The Quotation will be opened on date 25/09/2021 at 11.00 A.M. and the bidders or their representatives are requested to remain present in the scheduled date and time. Specification details with terms and conditions of goats (Does) can be downloaded from




                                                                                                             SEWAK, Sundargarh

SEWAK Complex, Rangiamunda

Po-Tangarpali, Dist- Sundargarh

PIN-770011, Odisha

List of Items with specification



Name of the Items




Goats (Does)

Black Bengal variety of Goats with body weight of 10-15 kgs. Age of the goat is within 8 months to 1.5 years

(2 teeth’s ideally) having 1kid or no kid




A pre bid meeting will organise at SEWAK office to clarify vendor doubt on different terms and conditions on 13th September 2021 at 11 am to 1 pm.


Breed: Black Bangle


·           Weight: adult female 10 kg-15kg

·            Age at adult size: 0.8 – 1.5 years (2 teeth )

·            Average life span: 6 - 10 years

·            Body temperature: 102oF (+/- 0.5oF)

·           Heart rate: 70-90 beats/minute

·           Respiration rate: 12-30 breaths/minute

·           Colour (Black, Brown or Black &White)




Tagging & Insurance

All goats will be ear tagged and covered in insurance during the time of purchase. Insurance and tagging cost born by the vendors which will include in the goat price. Nominee for all insurance will be Secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, Sundargarh. 

Quarantine period

After purchased all the goats will be keep in 15days quarantine compulsory for observation and prevent from diseased .The supplier  will identified the goat shed in different place of Balisankara block where the supplier will keep 15 to 20 goats in each goat shed. All the cost during the quarantine period will be borne by the vendors.

Deworming and Vaccination

For vaccination and de worming SEWAK will identified the local Retired Livestock inspector and local Prani mitra for vaccination and de worming. The Deworming and Vaccination cost is born by SEWAK. It is not include the purchase cost of Goat.


All goats will be transport through Pick up van with proper ventilation. At the time of transportation first of all SEWAK Field staff/Pranimitra will check the heath condition of all goats. Then arrangement of feed, clean water and glucose with the vehicle. Some first aid medicine also store in vehicle. All the arrangement will be arranged by the vendor/supplier.


1.      Sealed quotation will be received by dated 25/09/2021 by 5 P.M. by this office of Secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, and Sundargarh for Goats (Does) for SEWAK, Rangiamunda, and Sundargarh. Any quotation received after the due date and time will be rejected. The quotation will received through speed post/Registered Post/Courier only.

2.      The sealed quotation submitted by the bidders will be opened by the members of the purchase committee in the office of Secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, and Sundargarh on dated 26/09/2021 at 11.30 A.M.

3.      The bidders or their duly authorised representatives are allowed to be present during the opening of the quotation  if they so like.


4.      The secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, and Sundargarh reserves the right to reject or to accept the quotation for the supply of the item quoted without assigning any reason thereof.

5.      The secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, and Sundargarh will be at liberty to terminate the contract either wholly or in part without assigning any reason thereof. The quotation will not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever for termination.

6.      If any information or documents of the bidders are found to be incorrect or misleading at any stage, the quotation will be rejected.

7.      The quotation will not be entertained after due date and time fixed for.




1.      After completion of the quarantine period, the goats are distributed in different villages of Balisankara Block. The vendors will arrange for transportation facility in Pick Up van to the distribution site. The transportation cost is included in the goat cost. No separate cost will be pay for transportation of goats.

2.      The supply should be completed within 45 days from the receipt of the purchase order.

3.      If the approved supplier fails to execute the supply within the stipulated time, the secretary, SEWAK is empowered to purchase the same items from the L2 or L3 bidders if they match the L1 rate.

4.      The Goats should be supplied to FOR destination and no charge for freight should be claimed.



1.      The Secretary, SEWAK, Sundargarh may allow extension of a maximum period of  7 days (one week), after the stipulated date of supply (i.e. 7 days)  with a penalty of 0.5% which will be deducted from the purchase order value as liquidated damaged .


2.      If the supplier fails to complete the supply within the extension period, i.e. 15 days after being allowed by Secretary, SEWAK, Rangiamunda, Sundargarh, no further purchase order will be place to the firm for the said item and concerned firm will be blacklisted for the one   year from date of issue of the letter for the said item.



·         50% advance payment will release after selection of supplier through NEFT/RTGS/Cheque. Balance payment will release within 7 days from the date of supply after producing the invoice.

·         TDS will be deducted as per the income tax act.

·         The Vendor have to furnish GST bill against their product/supply items(if applicable)







SEWAK, Rangiamunda

Sundargarh, Odisha