Project On Child Rights

Since October 2011, SEWAK has been implementing the project entitled, “Ensuring overall empowerment in the education and health status of children through community involvement” with support from CRY (Child Rights and You) organization, India in Masabira and Sarafgarh GPs in Lephripara Block of Sundargarh. The project aims to remedy and strengthen education and health of children with momentum engendered through effective involvement of community people in child rights affair.

The broader objectives of the project are:

  • Reduction of infant and child mortality by half through addressing mal nutrition
  • Quality education for 6-14 age group as per the provision under Right to Education Act (RTE Act), 2009
  • Addressing social issue like early marriage, trafficking and unwanted pregnancy etc. by strengthening social institutions
  • Addressing issue of child labor by improving family and livelihood status, rights and entitlements
  • Ensuring child participation in decision making process

The project envisages profound rapport building, advocacy, rigorous action, and dynamism on the part of the implementing agency to bring about the desired changes in the target area. It is understood that the rapport combined with dynamism and readiness to action holds the clue to generate an enabling environment for the effective realization of projected goal.

The Project has following specific activities

SHG training SHG training in coordination with NABARD
SHG trainingInteraction with adolescent girls on trafficking
  • To improve the service delivery system of ICDS with focus on
    • Demand opening new center, center building for uncovered area.
    • Activation of supplementary food distribution, growth monitoring and pre education service.
    • 100% enrollment of 0 to 3 and 4-6 group children.
    • 100% complete immunization ( 6 basics vaccine one year )
  • Ensure 100% enrollment of children in 6 to 14 year age group in only neighborhood school and ensure 80% retention
  • Demand opening for new schools, maintaining student teacher ratio, school building ( class room ,Kitchen, toilet)
  • Ensure SMC formation and capacity building towards developing SDP
  • Create awareness on social issues (early marriage, trafficking and unwanted pregnancy) through strengthening social institutions
  • Improve livelihood opportunities of working children and child labor families through ensuring rights entitlements under:
    • FRA
    • SDP and Pension
  • Facilitate child club for ensuring child participation in decision making