Seed Treatment Campaign
Seed Treatment
PD, DRDA Sundargarh having a meeting with the volunteers of Social Audit
Seed Treatment
Social Audit – MGNREGA at Jhurimal GP of Lephripara block.

Govt. of Odisha under the Rastriya krishiVikasYojana started the Seed TreatmentCampaign or Seed dressing in the state. The campaign is a chemical, typically antimicrobial or fungidal, with which seeds are treated (or "dressed") prior to planting. Seed treatments can be an environmentally more friendly way of using pesticides as the amounts used can be very small.

SEWAK with the cooperation of Agriculture department implement the programme in 3 blocks of Sundargarh district namely Sadar, Subdega& Balisankara block in 14 villages.

In this programme, SEWAK had organized awareness campaign for the farmers in the area with the dist officials on Seed treatment. An awareness Ratha was used for the awareness of the farmers through miking and the farmers were supplied free medicines for the seed treatment.

Maize Cultivation

Maize cultivation has been taken up in 40,000 hectares in Odisha. The cultivation has been taken up in 21 districts of the state. According to guidelines, the selected farmer for the programme will purchase seeds from the company or authorized license dealer at Rs 100 per kg and obtain a valid cash memo.

After the purchase, the farmer will take up the cultivation programme in his field and apply the basal dose of fertilizer in proper quantity and the line sowing with proper spacing.

After the sowing is completed, the farmers will produce the seed purchase memo to the BTT (block technology team)/AAO and will get money for fertilizer and other inputs. Before getting the cheque, the farmers will have to produce a permit issued by FIAC (Farm Information and Advisory Centre).

This year, an NGO has been involved in the operation that will ensure the application of basal dose and motivation to farmers’ registration and facilitation of training. Before release of the cheque, there would be field visit by the agriculture officials.

While the Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) will ensure the timely arrival of seeds, the seed companies will organise one training programme for each 100 hectares and will organise at least one field day for 500 hectares at their own cost.

For Sundargarh district SEWAK was involved in the programme and implemented it for 8 blocks starting from Hemgir up to Rajgangpur. 722 farmers were selected for the programme. Out of 1150 hect 508 hect.Were used for the maize cultivation.

This Social Audit made Sundargarh a destination for the researchers. Even OMEGA recognized it as a model for the state of Odisha.