Since 1996, SEWAK has been conducting skill training programs in carpentry, masonry, tailoring, soft toy making, and bamboo craft for illiterate, school drop-outs or only functionally literate rural and tribal boys and girls under different governmental schemes like TRYSEM, RSVY, SGSY etc. The financial and technical support for these programs comes mostly from government sector agencies, like DRDA, ITDA and NABARD. Most of these trainings are residential and are spread over a period of 3 to 6 months, during which the trainees are accommodated in one or the other of two SEWAK campuses at Sundargarh. By March, 2011, a total of 3784 unemployed boys and girls belonging to rural and tribal areas of the district had graduated in these trades supplying steadily to the stock of district’s skilled masons and craftsmen, tailors and bamboo artisans. Some of these trainees have set up small workshops, or working on contract. Some have got jobs with contractors and small farms in & outside the district.

Craft Village Program, 2009-10

The Craft Village Program is sponsored by the District Industries Center (DIC), Sundargarh to promote bamboo craft as well as livelihood of crafts-men and women. Under the program three Craft Village Centers (CVCs) have been opened at Khuntagaon, Aleikera and Patkijore of Tangarpali Block, each enrolling 15 poor, tribal women as trainees. These trainees have been organized into a Self Help Groups at each CVC level. After six months of training from empanelled MCMs, the group would be eligible to get subsidy-linked credit for entrepreneurial activities. SEWAK organizes and monitors the training process and provides technical support on credit and marketing to the member trainees.

The district of Sundargarh has earned a distinction for itself in bamboo craft sector. The toys and household articles, as containers and baskets, trays, pen and brush stands, hand fans, mirror fixtures, boxes etc. carved or woven by the artisans from bamboo root and fine strips steals attention of the shopper for their delicacy and intricate designs and commands a high price in the market.

Skill Development Training Under Rsvy

Between April and June, 2009, SEWAK hosted training programs for rural and tribal youth in the twin trades of Masonry and Carpentry under Rastriya Sam VikasYojana (RSVY). The duration of the course was three month during which the trainees were accommodated at the SEWAK complex. A total of 100 trainees, consisting of 80 for Masonry and 20 for Carpentry from remote tribal areas of the district were enrolled for the training. The program was monitored by DRDA, Sundargarh.

Masonry Training for Tribal Youths

In 2010-11, SEWAK organized a masonry training program for twenty tribal youths of Tangarpali Block area at SEWAK head office complex. ITDA, Sundargarh provided support for the 6-month residential program. The trainingwas provided by qualified Master-craftsmen (MCM).

Tailoring Training for Rural And Tribal Girls

Tailoring is the most frequently performed training event on SEWAK campuses. Between April and June 2011, SEWAK organized a training program for 30 girls' trainees of Tangarpali Block area at its tailoring workshop on SEWAK complex at Rangiamunda. At the end of the program, the trainees were facilitated with grade certificates by SEWAK’s training department.

Training Program On Tailoring And Bamboo Craft Under Sgsy

Between November 2011 and January 2012, SEWAK conducted training programs in the trades of tailoring (dress designing), terracotta and bamboo craft for rural youth under Swarana-JayantiGramyaSwarojagaraYojana (SGSY). A total of 150 girls and women participants took part in the training held at SEWAK head office complex and 7 other locations of 4 blocks of the district.

Sl. Block Place Trade Nos. of Participants
1 Tangarpali SEWAK Tailoring 20
2 Tangarpali Belsara Terracotta 10
3 Sadar Lahandabud Tailoring 20
4 Sadar Karla Tailoring 10
5 Subdega Kurumkela Tailoring 20
6 Subdega Kiralaga Tailoring 20
7 Balishankara Gaidega Tailoring 20
8 Balishankara Bamhanibahal Bamboo Craft 30