As per the decision taken by Orissa Stats AIDS Control Society, SEWAK has entrusted to run migrant intervention programme in Rourkela station.In order to address prevention and control of HIV/AIDS programme among migrants. The proposed awareness programme was inaguagreted on Dated-26/10/2010 in presence of (CDMO Sundargarh), Dr.BikrantKindo, (CMO Rourkela Government Hospital),Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pattnaik. A meeting was also conducted with the CDMO, CMO, PM (TI),Asst. Divisional Railway Manager and Station Master in order to make this programme a successful one ,so as to reach out large number of migrants.

In order to manage this awareness activity two Out Reach workers have been appointed whose details are given below:

Sl. No. Name of ORW Sex Address Phone No.
1 DipakPani MALE At-Chhend, Qt No-LPR/572, Rourkela-15, Sundergarh,ODISHA 8908336830
2 Umesh Chandra Sandha MALE AT/P.O-DiaMundaSundargarh,ODISHA 9439032484

This ORW has been selected as per the advertisement published in the Odia Daily The Samaj on dated 15th November -2010 and prior notice to PD.OSACS and P.O, TSU vide letter no5285/5297.The interview was conducted on 20th November-2010 in presence of the following interview board members.

  • Dr.Santosh Naik-ADMO (PH)
  • RajkumarDehri-Vice Chairman,SEWAK
  • Mrs.Sanju Patel –Executive Board Member,SEWAK

Both the ORW has been given appointment from 27th October-2010 and formally their agreement was made with effect from 4/12/2010.

Transit Migrant
Transit Migrant Project Inaugurated by CDMO,Sundargarh and CMO,Rourkela
Transit Migrant
CDMO & CMO with Station Manager, RKL All Staff Member of TI, SEWAK in the occasion of TMI

This were activities that were undertaken from 26th October 2010 to December-2010 and further the activities under migrant Intervention will be more effective to deliver the services. The IEC Campaign from OSACS is very effective so far. During the course of our intervention it has been found that people are migrating from different parts of India to Orissa like Uttar Pradesh ,Madhya Pradresh,Bihar,Jharkand,West Bengal and vice versa. Through this intervention programme they are getting information about dynamics of HIV/STI and this programme is duly getting approval in providing and sharing for greater intervention and mainstreaming the epidemic .OSACS ,thus have a great platform in preventing HIV in Orissa by providing more financial and materiasl help to create awareness programme among migrants block of Sundargarh district, as large number of in-migrants and out migrant flow is to be continues in the district.Sponge Iron and other ancillary industries are attracting this people for their livelihood. There fore through this program me, HIV prevention can be minimized to a larger extent .Rourkela Railway station in this respect is catering thousand of migrant transaction and it has become an immense help by introducing thetransit Intervention in Rourkela station so far. Further to make this programme effective necessary guidelines and MIS format should be provided by OSACS.